If you are a general dentist and have a patient that experiences a dental emergency, Dr. David Abdelmalak offers same-day emergency dental care in Glendale, California. With our same-day treatment, we can help patients avoid extensive and lasting damage to their smiles. Give us a call right away at 818-242-8955 if one of your patients requires emergency endodontic treatment. Our team can help get everything set up for your patient to visit with our endodontist.

Emergency situations are typically unexpected and can create a great amount of anxiety or stress. When a patient experiences an emergency situation with their smile, our endodontist can help. Generally, a dental emergency is any situation where you require immediate, professional attention and treatment. Should one of your patients experience a dental emergency, we encourage you to contact Glendale Endodontics & Microsurgery right away so that we can get you in to visit with our endodontist on the same day.

Dental emergencies can present a variety of problems. Depending on the treatment patient needs, you may be able to provide the necessary treatment. There are, however, certain situations where your patient may require an endodontist. Some of the dental emergencies that our endodontist can treat include:

  • Pulpal pain: Typically identified with inflammation or irritation, this condition requires specific endodontic treatment to repair.
  • Abscesses: When an abscess reaches the inner tooth, our endodontist can remove it and treat the tooth.
  • Cracked tooth syndrome: From surface cracks to ones that reach the dental roots, we can provide the necessary treatment.

If you have a patient who is experiencing any severe dental pain or inflammation, it is important that they receive the proper care as quickly as possible. At Glendale Endodontics & Microsurgery, we offer same-day emergency treatment for patients who require endodontic-specific care. Contact us today to learn more, and to refer your patient to our practice.